Vineyards and Wineries

Vineyard and Winery Insurance Specialists

Some of the insurances available are:

  • Wine Property
  • Winery/Winemaker Liability
  • Professional Indemnity – Contract Winemakers
  • Management Liability
  • Transit Insurance
  • Crop Insurance

Please call us on 1300 306 571 or email for a no-obligation, free assessment of your insurance requirements and a competitive quote for your vineyard or winery. Professional Indemnity – Contract WinemakersThere are many tales of wine producers receiving unsatisfactory wine from their outstanding grape product after their wine is made under contract. How can this problem be solved through insurance?

Professional Indemnity insures the “errors and omissions” that may occur during the winemaking process by a Contract Winemaker.

A producer and winemaker must rely on their contract, and the winemaker can be held responsible if the wine is not of expected or anticipated quality. As such, it is essential that the winemaker has backup in the event that they are responsible for a fault.

Below are a just a few examples of the problems faced by Contract Winemakers:

  • Recent involvement with bad crème of tartare resulted in the formation of tartaric crystals in the bottles. Can the producer sell this wine, and who is responsible?
  • Bad wine management
    Barrels may not have been topped up for several months, or topped up with shiraz instead of chardonnay, thus creating a new style of “rosé”. How much is this going to cost?
  • Incorrect acid adjustments
    We all know what the results are if acid adjustments are too high or too low…
  • Housekeeping
    Poor housekeeping can result in a number of serious issues. How would your client react to the unfortunate presence of a brett taint in the wine you have made for them?

Wine Property

Cover begins in the vineyard and ends with the glass of wine in the consumer’s hand, no matter where they may be..

The policy has been designed specifically for Australian wineries and vineyards, and includes cover for:

  • Winery
  • Stock
  • Seasonal stock
  • Product or wholesale cost
  • Contamination, spillage and leakage
  • Plant/Equipment/Machinery
  • All Contents

There are many options available, as the wine industry involves more than just grape growing and wine production. Operations may include:

  • Restaurants
  • Accommodation
  • Festivals
  • Special Events
  • Other facilities available to the public
  • Exports

Winery/Winemaker Liability

Public Liability

  • Your liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to third parties resulting from the operation of your business.

Products liability

  • Your liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to third parties resulting from, or caused by, the products manufactured and/or sold by you.
  • Ask us about Product Guarantee, Product Recall or Tampering.

Management Liability

Marine Transit

Midland applies our expert knowledge to provide our customers with the right insurance for all wine-related marine transit.

  • Insuring all movement of stock and/or merchandise including loading and unloading
  • Anywhere in and from Australia to the World
  • Insuring product for: Cost, Insurance and Freight

Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance is all about providing a measure of stability for the Crop grower.

The risks of fire, frost and hail devastation are present in all areas. A single hailstorm or frost may cause severe financial difficulty, while losses in rapid succession may ruin a farm business. Hail and frost losses are random and unpredictable. While some shires are recognised as being more susceptible than others, it is dangerous to believe that hail and frost losses are isolated to such areas.

Some insurance companies have access to statistical data on crop losses for the majority of shires throughout crop growing areas in Australia. Such analysis allows the insurer to rate individual shires based on their potential risk of loss. This system of zone rating provides an equitable and efficient method of rating, since growers in low risk areas do not subsidise the growers in high risk areas.

It is critical that farmers wishing to purchase crop insurance select a company that makes use of a well-trained and respected pool of assessors. The principle job of the crop assessor is to establish the amount lost due to the impact of frost and of hailstones. A significant number of tests are taken from a large number of sample sites in each paddock.

The percentage loss of yield calculated is effectively the amount of fruit/grain lost due to hail, divided by the amount of fruit/grain present prior to hail.From the 1 April 2017 Longfellows Insurance Brokers merged with Midland Insurance Brokers. We are experts in Vineyard and Winery insurance.