COVID 2020 – a thank you to the transport industry.

From all of us at Midland Insurance Brokers, we wanted to say thank you to all workers within the transport industry for your commitment and support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Through social distancing rules to keep infection rates down, panic buying of toilet paper & hand sanitiser, a sudden wave of trackpant sales, and the benching of all televised sport, the transport industry remained vigilant and committed to doing what it does best – keeping the country moving.

As the National Transport Industry’s CEO, Tony Clark put it, “these are the people who work tirelessly every day to ensure Australians get what they need. We’ve seen an amazing response from these workers during the COVID-19 crisis and it’s now more than ever we can see how vital their work is.” 
As transport insurance specialists, we understand that each business has its own complexities and it is our role as insurance brokers to work with our clients to customise an insurance policy for each individual business. Then on your behalf, we will negotiate with numerous insurance companies to achieve a suitable premium and coverage for you, our client.

We specialise in providing tailored insurance for the transport industry, and strive to uncomplicate the complexities of the insurance world.