Guidance on protecting your business during a temporary closure

Temporary ClosureDue to the coronavirus restrictions, many businesses are having to temporarily close and allow staff to help sustain operations via home working. We wanted to give you some general advice about how to protect your premises during any temporary closures. This guidance is from a risk management perspective. Please give us a call should […]

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How small businesses can benefit from working with an insurance broker

Key takeaways:

Brokers are independent of all insurance companies, who act in your best interest and offer impartial and unbiased advice.Use a broker for their industry/sector expertise, identifying day-to-day business risks, and for tailoring an insurance package that meets your needs. Opting for a cheaper ‘off the shelf’ insurance policy is often not the best […]

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Coronavirus’ impact on business & travel insurance

With the number of confirmed cases of those infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) growing every day, it has become somewhat of a nightmare for many countries and their economies.

The COVID-19 virus has already had a significant negative impact on the global economy, including the Australian economy. Recent import/export restrictions and sweeping travel bans have caused […]

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